Stars in the Sport Industry- Olympic & NBA Edition.



When looking at a map graphic for the amount of Gold medals attained throughout the Olympics, of the top nine countries, it is clear to see that the United States has the most with a toppling 1086 gold medals.

Interactive Graphic

Of these 1086 medals that the United States has obtained, Michael Phelps has contributed to 23 of those, throughout 5 Olympic games only. This makes him the most decorated Olympian in all of history, his stats were pulled from the Olympic Org site and more about him can be readĀ here.

Another amazing athlete today is Michael Jordan. He started playing professionally his junior year of college and has played in fifteen seasons in the NBA since then. However, his scoring average has been fluctuating and those fluctuations can be seen here-

Interactive Graphic

No matter the fluctuations, Michael Jordan still holds the records in the NBA for the highest career regular season scoring average and highest career playoff scoring average.

More statistics on Michael Jordan can be seenĀ here.